its been awhile..

i really need to make it a weekly thing to log on here an update this blog..i have been severely slacking as my last post is dangerously close to a year ago haha! BUT things have been very busy which is good. i am starting to feel a little overwhelmed these days..i need to be more organized which is my current goal. i have a few days off before my first wedding of the year so hopefully i get something accomplished and i dont just sit around being lazy :p altho the second option seems like the thing to do :p heres some updated photos, nothing really different from my facebook page…thats my next goal to have some different photos on here then the ones that are already posted to facebook. i need a secretary :p


091 (4).jpg

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new stuff :)

busy busy busy!! here’s some photos from recent sessions :)

catching up

I am really horrible at keeping up with this..which is exactly how i started out my previous post..where i posted easter bunny pics so its about time i update :p ive been super busy..which is heres a bunch of highlights from my spring/summer so far :) enjoy!

171 (2).jpg


278 copy.jpg

191 (2).jpg

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129 (3).jpg

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08 (2).jpg

006 (9).jpg

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098 (2).jpg

170 (3).jpg

210 (2).jpg

224 (3).jpg

015 (7).jpg


143 (5).jpg


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101 copy.jpg

104 copy (3).jpg



288 copy.jpg

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006 (10).jpg

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033 (7).jpg

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159 (6).jpg

161 copy.jpg






8x10 2.jpg

5x7 2.jpg



109 copy.jpg

068 copy.jpg




spring is sprung!!

im horrrrrible at keeping up with this and getting it going so far..i need to get on that haha! heres some random pics from my last few sessions and around my yard and of my ‘kids’ aka fur babies :p


 kid kitty flurry :p


 hiding in the tall grass of my neighbors yard :p


 this would be kid #2..our pup nirvana. she is digging a hole to china apparently :p


 and kid #3…haha husband and sometimes assistant nate :p


love the trees in spring :)


223 copy.jpg

 some random session pics….


049 copy.jpg

130 copy.jpg


219 copy.jpg

009 copy.jpg

202 copy.jpg


278 copy.jpg

here comes peter cottontail...

when trying to decide what to do for easter mini-sessions this year, a wonderful lady offered to let me use her bunny for the weekend. which of course, ive seen a million different pics of kids with bunnies and its always a hit, so i took her up on it. she told me fluffy was a very easy-going bunny and she was def. not lieing..haha! that bunny had an eventful couple of days with kids aging in range from 5 months to 12 years old. I SWEAR though that she knew what was going on cause pretty much no matter where we put her, or what was going on, she just stayed right in her spot..hardly ever moving. Altho by the end of the weekend, fluffy wanted nothing to do with me..haha! Everything went pretty well though and i would call bunny weekend a pretty good success :)

heres just a few of my favorites :)

139 (4).jpg


346 copy.jpg

023 (5).jpg

this week in review..

Haven’t been keeping up to well with this so far..haha :p..but im hoping to get better with it. ive skipped about 2 weeks worth of sessions but decided just to post some from this past week. i had 4 awesome sessions so far this week…starting with the happiest little boy ive ever met. one squeek of my squeeky duck and he was grinning from ear to ear :) haha! then the  most adorable little guy stopped in with the cutest bunny hat ever..3 month old baby boy with big floppy bunny ears laying in a washtub…too cute :p. then  an awesome superhero stopped by ;). had such a blast with that session :) then i finally got a girl in the studio haha..a fresh new 1 week old baby :)

069 copy.jpg

 such a happy little guy :)


 ‘im not usually alowd to do this at home…hmm’ haha :p


 gotta love bunny ears!!


 cutest bunny ever!!



200 copy.jpg

 just goofing around with mommy and daddy :)

277 copy.jpg

 this cutie pie is soon to be 6 :)

301 copy.jpg

 had so much fun doing these pics! he cracked me up cause he kept doing different superhero poses and would make sure to pause until he heard the camera go off haha!


 oh ya know..just flying around the studio ;)


 shes such a beauty!

159 copy.jpg

 love this look hehe :)

006 copy.jpg

managed to get a little smirk out of her…dont let her fool ya tho…she was wide eye’d thru the entire session haha!

looking forward to doing some comic book mini-sessions towards the end of april. need to pick up some cool capes and props, but i had such a blast with my little superhero up above, im really looking forward to doing them!! i even supposedly have some friends dressing up as superhero’s coming to the sessions to help get the kids into it..we will see about that, altho it could def make for a pretty amusing day :p.

-mindy :)

cute kid contest :)

 its that time of year! every year in march i have a cute kid contest on my altman freelance photo facebook page..heres all the info :)


beautiful baby girl and some handsome boys

 started my weekend with the happy adorable miss jaclynn :) she was such a sweetheart! this was also my first session with my ‘big girl camera’! this was like christmas for me..i was sooo anxious to take some pics that i sat and stared out the window till they got here, like a little kid getting up super early to open presents..haha! its a bit of a difference and theres some stuff i got to get used to but i love it and can not wait to do some outdoor sessions..hopefully soon :)





040 copy.jpg


 baby bum!! hehe

019 copy.jpg

 my kitty saved the day with these handsome little guys today..haha. he had to assist me in getting the littlest guy to smile, but hey whatever works!


036 copy.jpg



my first post..woohoo!

had a pretty busy weekend with a lovely lady and a bunch of some comic book store shopping for my upcoming comic book mini-sessions :) so for my first post im just going to sum up my weekend in pictures…


 beautiful miss christina started my weekend off :)


 this little cutie (miss vayda) was such a character..had me laughing thru the whole session with her dancing, silly faces, and just plain awesome personality :)

228 copy.jpg

 and little miss a….well shes just beautiful :)

016.jpg miss miranda went for a hot air balloon ride..haha..stayed up till 1am making those letters…totally worth it for this shot :)…and finished the day up with my absolute favorite 1st birthday session thing…cake smash!! :D